Fuming about Perfumes November 06 2013

I used to always wear traditional perfumes, and by traditional I mean the ones bought in department stores, but now I can stand the thought of them. This is because traditional perfumes are full of chemicals and toxins - why can't they simply be made of natural scents? Some of them still contain natural ingredients but then are topped of with a few chemicals.

So as much as I thought I enjoyed the smell of perfumes before I noticed that they were actually giving me headaches. Now whenever I pass someone wearing a strong perfume I feel sick. It was only since I started taking out the chemicals in all of my lifestyle, not just perfumes, that I noticed how much better I felt by not having them around.

I tend to believe that we have such a strong need for heavy scented perfumes today because our diet is making us smell bad. Gross I know but really if you smell someone who has a bad diet it is not very pleasant so they need strong chemical perfumes to cover up their foul odour. On the other hand someone with a healthy diet, typically vegans or people who eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, smell clean and fresh! 

However, I do still like to wear a scent and my solution is wearing pure essential oils. The nice thing about pure essential oils is that they are not only nice smelling but have positive emotional effects on the body yay! The single oils I would recommend as a perfume are Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lime and Wild Orange. The blended oil I would recommend is Citrus Bliss, particularly Citrus Bliss is used an uplifting blend so when you put it on you feel happy :)