The Smoothie Making Process September 26 2013

Today I produced my first food preparation video

It is very basic - it was produced on my iPhone through Instagram.

But it is the first of many to come. I plan to make full food preparation videos with me talking and explaining the process as I go. So why have I decided to make food preparation videos? and why am I calling them food preparation rather than cooking videos?

Firstly, I want to produce food preparation videos because I have had so many people ask me the question. "if you don't eat meat, wheat, dairy or sugar then what is left?." Well Wikipedia tells me that the flora of Australia comprises a vast assemblage of plant species estimated to over 20,000 vascular and 14,000 non-vascular plants, 250,000 species of fungi and over 3,000 lichens. While I know I obviously can't eat all of these plants and their crop there are at least several thousand that I can. Just wait I will show you!

Furthermore people are frequently telling me that it is too hard to eat healthily and that they don't have the time. Well I think that is just a load of hooey. I do understand that trying to find healthy food when eating out is difficult (although almost every restaurant does serve a salad!), it should not be hard to produce healthy food at home. So for those people who find it difficult to eat healthily - I will show you simple and quick ways of preparing healthy food. Such as the video above of my pear, lemon, blueberry and mint smoothie.

Secondly, I am calling them food preparation videos because I don't intend to 'cook' all of my food. No I'm not completely raw - there will be cooking in the videos as well but I do think that raw food should be a large component of our diet. Why? Well the simple answer is when you cook food you kill off some of the nutrients.

Stay tuned.