About our Blog September 23 2013

There once was a little website called Eat Heathy Be Alive. It provided people with information about healthy living and eating. It eventuated into an online stop because people were asking us where they can buy the natural products we were discussing. Now it has an exciting, brand new, shiny shop front but we still want to provide people with the information we have gathered through our natural learning journey. So here is our blog - where we will discuss all things to do with natural living such as; eating, exercising, earthing, breathing, architecture, materials, skin care products, water, etc. Our list could go on forever - we have so many ideas and thoughts that we want to share with the world. 

We would like this space to be open for everyone to discuss with us and share their personal ideas and experiences. We have found that through talking about our ideas and listening to other peoples stories we have gained a greater understanding of natural living. This is also why we have added the option to comment on our products in our online store. We appreciate your feedback.