The Nature Culture

Fuming about Perfumes November 06 2013

I used to always wear traditional perfumes, and by traditional I mean the ones bought in department stores, but now I can stand the thought of them. This is because traditional perfumes are full of chemicals and toxins - why can't they simply be made of natural scents? Some of them still contain natural ingredients but then are topped of with a few chemicals. So as much as I thought...

WIN an Ultimate Protein and Shaker Bottle September 30 2013

We are running a competition! Yay fun! There are up to 6 different ways to enter. The more ways you enter the draw the more chances you have of winning!   Click the link below to go into the draw to win an Ultimate Protein and Shaker Bottle:   Competition ends on Sunday the 13th of October at 7:00PM(EST)   Vanessa

The Smoothie Making Process September 26 2013

Today I produced my first food preparation video It is very basic - it was produced on my iPhone through Instagram. But it is the first of many to come. I plan to make full food preparation videos with me talking and explaining the process as I go. So why have I decided to make food preparation videos? and why am I calling them food preparation rather than cooking videos?...

About our Blog September 23 2013

There once was a little website called Eat Heathy Be Alive. It provided people with information about healthy living and eating. It eventuated into an online stop because people were asking us where they can buy the natural products we were discussing. Now it has an exciting, brand new, shiny shop front but we still want to provide people with the information we have gathered through our natural learning journey....
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